Malca Schotten

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I was brought up in North London by my European immigrant parents. My Father a book designer and my mother a potter. After leaving art school at Brighton in 1982, I joined my father back in London at Thames and Hudson ltd where I maintained my artistic journey in the nurturing atmosphere, dedicated to the visual arts and its hero's. After 10 glorious years I moved to Norfolk where I raised my three children, and continued to develop my obsession with drawing, developing a particular if not a little awkward passion for working on a large scale. The work continues.


As an artist I am inspired and driven by my love of drawing and my passion to use it to reflect what matters in our lives through subjects that raise public awareness of key issues. By exhibiting thought provoking drawing projects in public spaces I hope to reach a wider audience and bring art into the public domain.


My practice is predominantly drawing – large-scale and high energy. My work is about life, labour, documentation. It uses dynamic form, movement, life and energy. My drawings are carefully crafted yet raw and expressive, emerging from a primal response to the subject, using my visual and emotional memory to develop the work, representing the subject in its essence.
I am committed to a journey of exploring the subject matter, and to my mastery of drawing.
For me drawing is an endlessly challenging and compulsive practice, as each subject demands a new approach and reassessment of previous working methods. It is a critical means of communication for me, a visual language which enables me to comment on the world and what I find interesting about it.

Gluten-free paleo gastropub authentic flexitarian fixie tote bag, scenester Cosby sweater irony locavore. Gentrify American Apparel craft beer aesthetic Echo Park. Polaroid Marfa cray dreamcatcher


2015 SUMMER SHOW, Mandells Gallery
2014 INSPIRED BY BIRDS, Norwich Castle Museum
2014 Open Studio’s, The Crooked Rose
2013 WORDS AND WOMEN ,The Forum Norwich
2013 CLEY 13
2012 theartshop, Earlham House Norwich
2012 'Vision and Reality' Norwich Castle museum
2010 Norwich SHOPART!
2010 ABRASION King of Hearts, Norwich
2009 Salthouse 09
2001-2002 One Tree National Crafts Council Touring Exhibition
2000 Kettles Yard Open
1998 Kettles Yard Open
1987 John Player National Portrait Award National Portrait Gallery
1986 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition


2017 LIVES IN SCIENCE Norwich Science Festival
2017 LIVES IN SCIENCE John Innes Centre/Centrum
2017 COASTAL FORMS & LANDSCAPES Mandell’s Gallery
2015 NEW WORKS, The Fairhurst Gallery
2014 MATERNITY, The Fairhurst Gallery/Stew Gallery
2014 HAPPISBURGH REVISITED, Mandells Gallery
2013 I’M NOT DEAD YET:The Forum Norwich
2012 ABRASSION, Mandells Gallery
2012 Mandells Gallery, Norwich
2005 Princes Foundation London
2005 Roots of Norfolk Gressenhall
2004 Waxham Barn
2000 John Innes Centre, Colney