Malca Schotten

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Lives in science is an Arts Council funded project celebrating 50 years of the John Innes Centre in Norwich. I wanted to inspire young people by telling stories about science through its scientists, showing who a scientist really is personally, and through their practice. Each of the six final art works is designed around a different area of cutting-edge research currently being conducted at this global centre of excellence, and aims to convey the life of the people behind the science. select above image for individual art works
These art works are on permanent display in The Link, at Centrum Building, Norwich Research Park.
Accompanying the art works is a full colour 36pp brochure, available to schools for free on request direct to me. (see downloadable pdf attached) There is also a detailed blog for the project that contains fine detailed writing as a diary during the project itself and the process of drawing in the studio.
PDF of Brochure